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Going on a trip
  Trav94, Sep 25 2016

I just had the worst night ever. Literally the fucking worst. I have 9 or so grams of shrooms and I just took them all about 10 minutes ago. Somewhat regret. But we'll see what happens. Maybe this'll be an opportunity to figure some shit out. Wish me luck LP.

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Best hangover cures?
  Trav94, Feb 02 2015

So after the Seahawks blew it last night, it was time to drink heavily. Have a decently bad hangover this morning. Obviously eating helps along with some water. Gatorade has done nicely in the past. What have you guys found most helpful to tackle a bad hangover?

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Worst Day, Rant (sort of)
  Trav94, Nov 06 2014

So I need to vent. Go from having a 13 buy in day, to dropping 18 buy ins in less then 36 hours. Didn't even think it was possible to lose this much at NL5 in such a short period of time, especially considering I was a small winner at NL25 over about 150k hand sample about 7 or 8 months ago. Ran like complete shit, tilted off a couple buy ins as well. Fuck I didn't even play that bad I just couldn't hold, couldn't get there with draws. Every fucking hand was a cooler. Bleh.

Fire away LP on how no one cares and Im terrible. Im ready for it.

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