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My Poker Journey

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ETC Entry
  Trav94, Sep 24 2017

Hey boys (and potential women?) I'm bored. Poker is mediocre at best. But I've been having more fun (and making more money) with crypto this year.

Figured I'd start a blog posting some entries for fun (and free). So I can look back and see how they ended up. First entry is ETC (Ethereum Classic).

After making a U shape, ETC went parabolic so it had to correct sooner or later. Made basically a Head and Shoulders with the neckline along the .328 fib.

First bounce was .0032 about. But it didn't have a ton of support. Only 2 previous touches just above the .001 fib, and we fell out

We landed on MUCH stronger support at give or take .002798.

As you can see. We have A LOT more touches along the bottom part of the chart and we intersect with the .786 fib as well. I'm hoping this all stays true.

Entry at give or take .00281746 satoshis's. Stop loss like .00264213. If it falls out more, then it's still downtrending. Or some FUD fucked us or something. Stop would be all time highs. It will likely go higher than previous all time high, but whatever. Figure that out yourselves.

Good luck all traders

edit: Spotted this a bit after the touch of the trend line & fib as I don't chart ETC really, but we are still most likely to surge past all time highs so not too late for a long entry.

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Going on a trip
  Trav94, Sep 25 2016

I just had the worst night ever. Literally the fucking worst. I have 9 or so grams of shrooms and I just took them all about 10 minutes ago. Somewhat regret. But we'll see what happens. Maybe this'll be an opportunity to figure some shit out. Wish me luck LP.

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Best hangover cures?
  Trav94, Feb 02 2015

So after the Seahawks blew it last night, it was time to drink heavily. Have a decently bad hangover this morning. Obviously eating helps along with some water. Gatorade has done nicely in the past. What have you guys found most helpful to tackle a bad hangover?

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